Measure Using a Tablespoon

Measure Using a TablespoonThe easiest and most accurate way to measure is to use a Tablespoon. The best way to measure things, in general, is the spoon method. Most people use measuring spoons because it’s just faster and easier.

You have to hold the measuring spoon as close to the item you are trying to measure as possible This means that if you’re measuring an ounce of something, the measuring spoon should be within one-half to one-fourth of an inch of the item. Sometimes this means taking the measurement in two parts instead of one.

Using the Tablespoon is much more accurate than measuring by the teaspoon because you’re giving yourself more room to work with. Most spoons also have a very small mouth on them so you don’t have to worry about dropping the spoon or losing it in the measuring process. Your other option is to measure by the old fashioned teaspoon.

Another thing you want to remember is to use as clean a spoon as possible. I have no idea how some of these scammers got their hands on a spoon and then dropped it into a bucket of cement. I am sure they didn’t wash the spoon because that’s like wiping your butt with a piece of toilet paper.

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Make sure you hold the measuring spoon against the item you’re trying to measure until it is completely saturated with water. Then you will want to slowly pour out the water and wait for it to drain. One of the problems you will find when you are measuring in this manner is the item will be too wet to hold on to. If this happens, you can easily place it in a smaller container and use that.

Doing a thorough job is vital. If you don’t do a good job of measuring, you will use more water than you intended and it will be a waste of money.

After you pour the water out of the measuring spoon, you’ll need to place the same amount of water into the measuring cup that you put into the spoon. Remember to always use the same measurement for both cups of water.

So what is a tablespoon? It’s actually a measurement of less than one half to one-half of an ounce. You will be using spoons for all of your items that are less than one-half to one-fourth of an ounce.

Keep in mind, you are now almost done. The final step is to measure the item and pour it into the measuring cup. You will also need to use a measuring spoon to fill the measuring cup.

The final step is to use the measuring spoon to measure the amount you poured into the measuring cup. You want to make sure that you get everything. As long as you do, you should get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re measuring something like sugar or lumpy items, the measuring teaspoon might be more accurate for you. Just keep in mind to always use teaspoons as a guide and not an ounce.

Remember, the Tablespoon is simply a better way to measure. Do the best you can. You are trying to save time and money in the end so do your best.

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